National Afforestation & Eco-Development Board
Ministry of Environment and Forests
Government of India
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Documents to be submitted for the SFDA proposal

1. Consolidated SFDA proposal along with Annexure of FDA wise details (download format)

2. Minutes of the SFDA meeting approving the proposal.

3.Details of SFDA proposal as given in page 25 of the Revised Operational Guidelines-2009 (download format).

4. Georeference of the new plantation sites (download format).
5. Model Composition of FDA (Executive & General Body) & JFMC/EDC in the State.

6. Copy of the approved labour rate prevailing the project area/district/State (as may be applicable) wherein the project area(s) falls.

7. In case of private land and non-forest private lands, consent letter from the land holder for project implementation.

8. Model/component wise proposed plantation density (number of plants per hectare) and list of species to be planted.

9. Certificate from the SFDA to the effect that while preparing the project due regard has been given to the agro-climatic factors.

10. FDA wise statement of unspent balance (download format).

11. Miscellaneous certificate (download format).

12. Consolidated Progress Report showing FDA wise & component wise details (download format).

13.Statement of release of funds to the FDAs (download format)

14. Statement of expenditure of committed liabilities sanctioned in QPR format FDA wise (download format).

15. Statement of EPA activities carried out.

16. Individual FDA documents if not submitted earlier including Quarterly Progress Report, Annual Progress Report, Utilization Certificate, Evaluation Report and Audit Report.

Note :

(1) The soft copy of the above documents especially the data format has to be submitted along with the proposal.

(2) Please ensure that the formats should not be modified.The cells may be left blank if there is no value under that cell/column/row.

(3) Please ensure that the official e-mail address generally used is given.