National Afforestation & Eco-Development Board
Ministry of Environment and Forests
Government of India
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Regional Centres of NAEB

Introduction and objectives

The Board has seven Regional Centres located in various universities/ national level institutions (Annexure-II). These Centres help NAEB in promoting extension of replicable technologies and for dissemination of research findings. They provide technical and extension support to the State Forest Departments in effective implementation of regeneration of degraded forests and adjoining lands with people's participation and also act as a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences amongst the States of the region as well as across the regions. In addition, these Centres carry out problem-specific studies as well as evaluation of NAEB's programmes in the field and organize training programmes and workshops focusing on priorities set out by the Board.

The work programmes of the Regional Centres are being formulated to address the emerging needs of promoting sustainability of Joint Forest Management beyond the NAP scheme funding. The new areas include training for forest-based micro-enterprises, development of Joint Forest Management Committees, Self Help Groups, district-level inter departmental linkage workshops for synergy of JFM with other schemes of Government and studies on improved silvicultural practices for management of non-timber forest products. Seven pilot projects on capacity building for forest based micro-enterprise have been initiated by the Regional Centres across the country. It is hoped that based on the experience of these pilots, the forest-based microenterprise could be scaled-up as a means of promoting sustainable livelihoods of the forest-fringe communities

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